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The "Opening" Act

I help Christ followers conquer their fears of being inadequate 

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The vast possibilities for willing people to make a difference.

About Kenny


Kenny Bayless Jr. is a former youth pastor, an author and a world traveler. 

He grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, a town that among other things, is a melting pot for people from all over the world. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Kenny decided to GET OUT (of his comfort zone, areas of competence, and everything familiar) and do exactly what he shares in the pages of his book, Honor Thy Passport.  His unique perspective highlights his adventures in 40+ countries over a 6-year period where God revealed His patience, love, provision and protection in Kenny’s life. At times, his travels were on a shoe-string budget thousands of miles away from anything or anyone familiar.  Yet he was never far from the Father’s love. His experiences changed the course of his life profoundly. He speaks now to encourage others to step into their ability to impact any environment with the Gospel.

Kenny is available for talks, workshops, church youth groups and camps, and school assemblies.  Although his primary focus is faith-based, he is able to tailor his talks for business and education environments. 

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Talk Topics

Talk Topics

Your Environment. Your Influence.

How can we make a difference in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and literally everywhere we go?  What if we chose to use the one small voice we have to positively affect the people we encounter each day?  No matter the environment, we can begin to envision desired outcomes, set goals and action steps, and to lean into the Holy Spirit for creativity and inspiration. 

Diplomas and Passports

High schoolers and college students are ready to begin the transition to adult life and pursuit of the American dream.  But maybe it’s worth taking pause before plunging headlong in any direction—to GET OUT and see a different slice of life—another part of the world.  Why not consider where and how to make a difference as a follower of Christ when considering the next chapters of your life?  Guess can!

Pack Your Bags…and Your Baggage

Isn’t traveling for rest and relaxation?  How could an ordinary person make a difference abroad?  Your baggage includes your self-imposed laundry list of flaws, insufficiencies and conflicting priorities. But what if your imperfections are actually gifts that make you more relatable to others?  Serving can provide more rejuvenation than laying on a beach.  Travel channels and selfies can't put into pictures what God will do when we invite Him into the itinerary. 

Purpose In Pain

Many people talk about realizing God's purpose for their pain when they look back on it. What if you are in agony right now? You were hurt yesterday, today, and tomorrow doesn't look good. Is it possible for God to use you as a blessing when you don't even feel like getting out of bed?  Yes it is. This talk explores how the Holy Spirit never quits empowering us even if we are knee-deep in our pain or despair. 



Kenny Bayless Jr has the skill to draw an audience in and hold their attention through his story telling and sincerity. He provides a combination of facts and humor that keep his audiences engaged and amused.

James Glick
The Speakers You Need LLC

When you select a speaker, you obviously want someone who is well-spoken and engaging. Someone who has the presence, intelligence, confidence, charm, and pertinent life experiences or stories to connect with the audience. Kenny checks all those boxes easily. But what Kenny brings that others don't is humility. It is not about him, it's not a performance. It's pure and it's powerful.

Kennon Wolff

Disney Hotel Service Excellence Manager

Kenny is a natural born storyteller and orator. He has the remarkable ability to capture and engage an audience with his words and vibrant presence.

Dr. Stephanie Goldsmith



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